Thursday, August 14, 2008

So I'm going through my old things and found a piece of paper entitled, "50+ things I want to do in a lifetime," written on April 26th, 2005. This was a project for my AP Lit class, taught by one of the most animated, energetic, vivacious teachers I've had - crazy old English teacher, haha.
Some of the list, I found I've accomplished:
15) Let people know I love them.
16) Make mistakes and learn from them.
31) Continue to attend BRLS, even after my 6th year.
40) Be spontaneous.
45) Dance like a maniac. (Haha, what the.)
Some to be accomplished soon (hopefully):
4) Graduate from college.
6) Have a career I love and enjoy.
8) Live in a 3rd world country.
11) Go to graduate school.
Some things, I now would NOT want to do:
32) Swim in a pool of apricot jello.
33) Name a wing after myself or something ridiculous.
51) Go to see the Kings during the playoffs (mainly, because it's not going to happen for them).
54) Live in NYC.
55) Live in Boston.
Along with a lot of other silly things I don't think I will do/want to do.
Things sure have changed since high school.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So there is this little boy in camp named Joseph. Joseph has Down syndrome and has such a big heart - he's not even in my camp but is still incredibly friendly with me. He loves hugs and attention, as most kids do. One day, he showed me a doodle, and on it, was a bunch of little drawings. One was of Jesus on the cross (smiling, which was a cute addition on Joseph's part) and he scribbled a bunch of little phrases (the ones that I was able to make out), like "Rock," and "Strong Tower," with the penmanship of a 5 year old, rather than the 11 year old that he is.
Children with Down syndrome have lower than average intelligence and their communication is usually impaired; Joseph barely verbal, which is why this struck me.
It just shows how powerful/big/loving Jesus is - this kid really loves Jesus and what He has done for him. I sometimes doubt that He can enter into lives, but He can - and I am so weak for doubting what He can do, which I do a lot, subconsciously.

Camp is over tomorrow. More to come later.

Listening to: Never Let Go, Matt Redman