Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think of you.

Why, hello. It's been about a month since I last wrote.
Things have been pretty pretty crazy.
The semester is over. What a horrible horrible last two weeks; which were thankfully made better by Jesus. And friends that care. :)
I am home now. Being home is weird - I have not transitioned from the busy-ness of College Park to relaxation of Kennesaw. I miss CP a lot, but I think once I start working and seeing old friends, I will become more acclimated to it.

It's been a really wonderful semester; maybe not the most fun, but I definitely learned so much in it. (I'd like to think that I've grown a lot through it.) One of those things that I have learned is in time management. It's all a balancing act - school, teaching, IV, friends from IV, friends outside of IV. Mid-semester and towards the end, I found myself having a really really hard time spending time with my roommates from last year. They weren't present, as classmates and roommates were. Each encounter had to be planned or scheduled; and even with this, it did not always work out - cancellations were prevalent. It really reinforced that I miss living with them. Don't get me wrong - I love my house and the ladies in it. But I really do miss being able to come home to the apartment, going to Ashley's room and spilling my guts about my day. Now, it's hard to even remember important things to tell her - it's more of a condensed version of what happened in the couple of weeks that I have not seen her.
Purposeful relationships take time. And effort. And intentionality. I guess this is really making me think about how and where I spend my time, especially next semester. I will have a much lighter course load (only two real classes, plus placement). PLUS, I am taking West African dance with Ashley! This will be a real treat! Class with her is fun.
I think I have a better idea of how much I am able to handle.

2008 was a great year! Soon to come will be some of my favorites of the year.