Sunday, April 12, 2009

Man, oh man. So, everyone needs to click on the JJ Heller link in the blogs I read column, because her child is PRECIOUS.

Life is slow but steady; I can't believe there is only a ONE month left of school. Senior year has gone by quickly - what a year it has been.
Things I must accomplish before the school year is over (even though I have one last year, haha; can't be old and do these young, rebellious things):
-Sneaking up to the top of Byrd Stadium
-IV senior dinner
-Last Maryland Day as an undergrad
-Figure out placement preference (low incidence vs. high incidence) for next year

Today was Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I wish I thought about the true meaning behind Easter each day; very very empowering and beautiful stuff. Jesus was put to death undeservedly for US (you and me); God punished him for OUR sin. However, He overcomes this death by His raising and in this, grants us access to a living relationship with Him and God the Father through FAITH in HIM. Also, with this belief, we are given the Holy Spirit, whom guides and can act THROUGH us. :) This, I believe and know to be truth with my entire heart.
Something cool I read reading in Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell the other day about Christ's raising: In the Gospel of John, John tells us that Jesus was buried from (and obviously raised from) a garden tomb. Also, when Mary saw Jesus in the tomb, she thought he was the gardener (random? one would think...). What is John trying to say here?
The first place "garden" was mentioned in the Bible was the Garden of Eden, where the first man and woman choose to live OUTSIDE of how God made them to live. They choose to not trust God and thus, lose their place in the garden; death enters and paradise is lost.
There is a connection between the garden tomb Jesus is rising from and the garden of Eden; there is a new Adam on the scene and he is reversing the curse of death by conquering it! He's reclaiming creation; entering into it, restoring it, and renewing God's plans for the world - God's way of refusing to give up on his dream for the world.
What a sweet connection, Rob Bell.

Easter was celebrated with one of my favorites and his family, topped off by an abundance of Easter hugs, an Easter egg hunt and beating a married couple in foosball.

Smiles are in abundance, as is God's love for humanity.

Listening to: Oh Lord, Your Love - Caedmon's Call