Sunday, June 24, 2012

School is out for summer! Wahoo! It has been my first real week off; it has been really nice to relax, sleep in, run errands, and CLEAN. I have felt like quite the housewife lately; some of our furniture has collected such dust! :-O I thought I would be bored this summer, but it's really been nice to have so much time on my hands!

This summer, I plan on (hopefully) babysitting regularly, running, hanging out with friends, crafting, finishing starting our wedding scrapbook, making yummy Pinterest recipes, like these bean tacos pictured below, with fresh tomato salsa, mango salsa, seasoned corn and avocado. :)

The hubby and I plan on going on a lot of day trips, as we aren't able to go on an extended vacation. Kings Dominion, Shenendoah, Bethany Beach - any other fun day trips we can take nearby the metro DC area?

Rob's sister Christie got married last Saturday; it was a beautiful wedding at Turf Valley in Ellicott City, MD. Rob and I had a blast! This was the first wedding we've been to since ours. It really put me in a sentimental mood and I thought a lot about our wedding as their wedding day came. 

Black H&M Dress ($10!), black peep toe Gap flats
Turquoise chunky necklace

My love and I; the most handsome groomsman there was!

I cut my hair, so it is much shorter than that. Pictures to be posted soon! 

My plans for this week: Wedding scrapbook.