Friday, September 10, 2010

Love will be the last thing standing.

So after almost 2 months, I think it is about time for another post!

Life can be summed up in one word: Busy. I have been very busy, pulling about 11 hour days consistently. Despite the craziness of the days, I have LOVED it. I am very joyful, despite the long days. Jesus has been present. My kids are little bundles of joy; they are little love-bugs! I get a hug or a smile pretty much every hour of the day. And it has been like this since the 1st day, haha. Man, how awesome would it be to be able to love like that - free from anything holding us back, with no hesitation.
Another thing: They also think I am funny! Which not many people do, so this is something I have to hold onto.
They do have their stubborn moments. When a play break is over (which happen frequently; my kids require LOTS of breaks), I am met with the response of, "No." I just keep singing my clean-up song and they come along, eventually. With some tough love on my part. :)

I think it is interesting that when I tell people that I am a special education teacher, I am met by the response: "You must be SO patient." Really? Am I? Maybe in this area of my life, but definitely not in others. God is PERSISTENTLY teaching me patience; haha, sometimes, I wish I could learn it and get along with other life lessons already! ;) (Ba ba buumsh - that was supposed to be funny.)

I also want to say that I really like the song, "Light up the Sky" by the Afters. It is a reminder of God's presence in our lives and how He WANTS us to know this awesome truth. I've definitely been feeling this in my life, despite how busy things are.
The song is on the most recent of CDs that Rob and I exchange every month - and this is a really really good one! I will post the tracks - let me know if you want me to zip you over a copy. :)
1) The Blues, Switchfoot
2) Gravity, Shawn McDonald
3) Choosing, Alli Rogers
4) He Is Here, Amena Brown (spoken word)
5) You Led Me, Barlowgirl
6) My Eyes are Open, Now I See, Kelsey Waldon
7) Light Up the Sky, The Afters
8) Sing It Out, Switchfoot
9) I Will Sing, Owen Pye
10) Yahweh, Shawn McDonald
11) Oh My God, Blue Tree
12) Beautiful, Scandalous Night, Robbie Seay Band
13) Who Is This God, Alli Rogers
14) You, Switchfoot
15) For Freedom, Jimmy Needham
16) No One Like You, BarlowGirl
17) Just a Spark, Owen Pye
18) In Christ Alone, Bethany Dillon and Matt Hammitt
19) Love Wins, Robbie Seay Band
20) One Body, Alli Rogers