Monday, February 8, 2010

The other day, I was walking down the hall with two of my students who have severe special needs. They were holding hands, because I gave them the direction to do so and to help each other down the hall. One student was walking a little faster than the other; he was paying attention and guiding the other down the hall. The other, who was kind of in his own world, was walking without really paying attention to his surroundings. He almost walked right into a wall (without my knowing); however, this was prevented because the other student puts his hand out in front of his face to somewhat guide him away from harm's way.

Things like this make me realize that God is working, even when we don't think He can. It makes me realize that He is bigger than the constraints and restrictions that society puts on people, that He continues to push the limits to show me cool new things about Himself. It also shows me that love knows no bounds.

In the midst of praying to see God more in school, I get this. :) Not only was it super cute, but I saw God in new and different ways.

Listening to: River, Herbie Handcock & Corinne Bailey Rae