Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love it when I wake up early in the morning and the first thought is the again realization of how AWESOME Jesus is. Starts the day off just perfectly.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So, since the new year, I have been trying to figure out how to format a post summarizing the old year... Thanks to my dear friend, Megan, I have found such a format, which will include this AND what I will be looking forward to in the new year!

Greats (and some not-so-greats) from '08:
Living in Commons 2405: I absolutely loved living with Laurel, Malisa, and Ashley. Spring semester really solidified our bond - from a crazy trip to the hospital to bonding in the common room to a fantastic end of the semester dinner at Paparazzi full of fun encouragement time, I didn't realize how much a couple of girls can come to mean to me after not even a year of living together or knowing one another (besides Ash). I loved being able to come home and go to Ashley's room and just talk and have someone listen and make time for me, despite all the work a crazy pre-med student can accumulate. It's crazy how when living together, how much time you actually do spend with your roommates, despite crazy schedules. And just how hard it becomes to make time for one another when you don't have living together to fall back on. Despite being deemed the 2nd messiest (which I completely disagree with!), I miss living with them a lot.

Being a CA:
Dang, I really miss this job - being able to do homework on the shift, greeting friends and residents coming in and out, nice friends coming to visit to pass the time, blasting sweet tunes on the job and getting compliments on my cool musical taste... Hah.

Small Group '07-'08: Leading small group was SUCH a sweet experience - I love preparing passages (very plan-oriented, if you know me - hmm, not always a good thing, makes me a crazy lady sometimes) and being completely blown away with bits of insight from friends. These kids love the Lord and it was such an encouragement to me to have such a supportive community.

Student teaching at Rogers Heights Elementary: My little boys and girls from Miss Burton's fourth grade! I worked with 7 students, who all had IEPs, most directly, but taught a couple of lessons to the whole class - all the students in the classroom were on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of academics and curriculum standards (especially reading). I miss them. Learned a lot from the general education classroom - maybe will even consider teaching in general education in the future. Will definitely consider the area (see end of next diddy).

Urban Plunge: The Urban Plunge has been an amazing, amazing experience for me - I was very encouraged seeing how much the trip grew and how many people were so interested in learning more about the city and seeing God's heart for it. For the UP '08, we teamed up with our lovely friends from George Washington University and together, learned from scriptures in Luke and experiences we had the brokenness within the city and God's heart and compassion for it. I was blown away by the things I saw in scripture, with my own eyes. Some of my favorite things that we did were: GED adult tutoring (had a sweet old lady that worked with me and choose me specifically because I was an ed major, haha), going into a DCPS classroom (and being even more blown away than the first time - I was put in a general ed 1st grade classroom - they did nothing, despite spending more per student than most cities do; maybe it was a bad day but I don't think so), interviewing teachers on a panel, walking through DC gentrified areas, study of Luke 16:19-31 (Lazarus and the rich man - awesome study led by Brian; showed me just how neglegient of the Lazaruses we may encounter in our lives we can be, along with many truths). God's really cultivated my heart in these trips, and this year, I made a commitment to God to seek an area intentionally in need when finding a school system to teach in.

Baptism: Proclaimed my faith in Jesus and how much He has transformed me to my closest friends. :)

Chapter Camp!: Spent some sweet time with some ladies at Megan's lake house before the week started; during camp, we studied Genesis with seven ladies and three boys. God touched my heart with some sweet truths, with some of them being very hard to take when relating them to our lives now. I saw much of God's goodness in his Creation and dealings with His people in the scripture, along with his continual provision. We had a pretty intimate group, lots of sharing went down. As for other fun things, we did lots of volleyball (including a sweet tournament), some beach going, some dance partying, sweet quiet times in God's creation, and some star gazing. :)

Summer Camp: Best year of summer camp yet.

Blue Ridge Leaders School: Always an experience. Saw Danae get her sixth year jacket and be nominated for HL!

Small Group '08-'09: I met some sweet ladies and together, we are learning what it means to follow Jesus in our lives and supporting one another in our walks. :) It's fun.

Fall Retreat: One of the best speakers this year! It got my heart and mind thinking about missions and the world, along with other things I am too lazy to type out right now.

Bike accident: Negative Results: 1) Two broken teeth. 2) Tears. Lots of them. 3) Fear of biking. Positive Results: 1) Realization of how much my roommates and friends care for me. Christ's love shown through them. 2) Placing my value and confidence in Jesus. 3) Making light of a bad situation through lots of prayer and seeking God.

Student teaching at Central Elementary: I student-taught in a self-contained classroom in Anne Arundel County with students ranging from 3rd to 5th grade. All were fairly low functioning, but so full of love and joy. Jesus calls us to serve and love the least of these, He came and hung out with the rejects from society. I can definitely see myself doing this type of classroom in the future.

Relationships: Growth in friendships and more. :) Exciting new beginnings and continuations.

Classes: I finally made friends in my classes. YES! We have been having classes together for a year and a half or more; it's been sweet getting to know these ladies (and gent) and being able to let them in more and more. I have been blessed with having such classmates that care so much for students who have special needs; it's been such an encouragment and a motivation to me. Definitely a challenge when the going get tough, but still trying to shine some light in courses. :)

Geez, what a year. I am surprised you got this far.

Shine in '09:
Side note: I AM SO CORNY, I like to make myself laugh.
Don't judge me.
-Spring break in Chicago with ASB
-Summer plans, whatever they may be
-Student teaching
-Growth in relationships! Intentionality in them.
-Chapter Camp
-Classes! I am a dork.

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