Saturday, March 31, 2012

I want to be more intentional about blogging. I have a lot to share! And I've been inspired by all of these teacher blogs and food blogs that I have come across on Pinterest.

Since I last posted, I married my best friend. Everyone always asks us how married life is now. Marriage definitely has its ups and downs, but I am continuing to learn more about him, about myself and about God through the process. We are coming up on 6 months of marriage - I can't believe so much time has passed.

I have a student who is kind of a blabber mouth. She is my only completely verbal student and does she make up for the other by her chattiness! The other day, I told her about the party we were having for one of our staff; she got really excited but I told her not to even talk to this staff person because the last time my student found out about a birthday party, she spilled the beans and told the birthday girl. This time she took it seriously - she walked through the staff member's room; the staff member said, "Hi! How are you?" to my student and she did not answer her question. I asked her, "B, Miss Lissy asked you a question." She said, "Mrs. Walker, you told me not to talk to her."

I know I am going to seem lame for posting about this, but I will risk judgement. I have been an avid One Tree Hill fan since high school when it came out. It is coming close to the end of its series! Crazy. One of the storylines that has always saddened me is Dan Scott's failed relationship with his son, Nathan, and his family. Dan was a really bad dad - he had an illegitimate son with his high school sweetheart Karen close to the same time he impregnated his college girlfriend, Deb; he never gave this illegitimate son the time of day and did not even want to associate himself with him, while pressuring his son Nathan to the brink of taking steroids to boost his basketball performance; he killed his own brother and lied about it; this is only a few of the nasty things that characterized Dan's life. For almost the entire show, Nathan and friends really HATED Dan for all that he did and all that he was. Throughout this, I felt really bad for Dan. A lot of the things Dan did sprouted from sin and hardness in his own heart, but I knew that, at least in his relationship with Nathan, he did a lot of things out of love; maybe not in the best and most loving way, but he has so much love for Nate.
A couple of shows ago, Dan risked his life for Nathan, taking the bullet for him trying to save Nathan from being kidnapped (okay, so the show gets kind of crazy sometimes). I was so happy that the writers decided to take the show this way; despite the awful things that Dan Scott did and was, he unselfishly sacrificed himself for his son, while he knew good and well that Nathan HATED him (not the same complete picture of the verse, but reminds me of Romans 5:8). The show did a good job of showing the family coming alongside Dan for his last couple of hours and loving him, despite everything that he had done - he showed that he truly repented and how sorry he was for the things that he had done. I thought it was a really beautiful picture of redemption of a fallen man and reconciliation of broken relationships.

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