Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad blogger

I cannot believe I have not written since July 2012. I should try to make it a personal goal to write in this thing at least once a month.

Highlights of the past couple of months

One Year Anniversary: Rob and I had our one year anniversary back in October!! I cannot believe the time has gone by so quickly... It has been 5 months since. We haven't killed each other yet!! It has been an amazing journey so far; God continues to show himself through Rob.

We made a trip out to LondonTown, where we got married right on the South River. Beautiful day!

Rob sent me purple roses at my school and we got a cake from our caterer, all prettily displayed on the table Rob and I built ourselves. ;)

Harper's Ferry: Rob and I got to visit Harper's Ferry for our anniversary! We stayed at a beautiful, quaint little B&B, compliments of LivingSocial. We did some rigorous hiking (think hiking at a steep incline of about 85 degrees), relaxation (I got my first ever massage!), shopping, antique-ing, and... some time playing on the iPad! Oh my gosh, I am ashamed to admit that we obsessed over Fruit Ninja and Mancala for some quite some time, but also proud to say that I beat Rob.
Overlooking Harper's Ferry 
Our beautiful suite!

Color Run: Getting color dust thrown on you makes running FUN!

Hosting Christmas: Rob and I had the pleasure of hosting Christmas TWICE this past year! On the menu: Spinach and mix green salad with roasted sweet potatoes, cranberries and almonds, garlic and parmesan Orzo with parsley, rolls, "soysauge" / ham and cheesecake with orange-cranberry sauce. :) Yum!

MERGE Starting!: Our church started a ministry for young married and engaged couples called MERGE, a place where we are able to come together as a community to support one another and help each other grow closer to the Lord. Rob and I have really enjoyed seeing and being apart of this ministry growing. It has been cool to see how God has been faithful to us!

Fun weddings that Rob and I have had the pleasure of going to: Weddings are my favorite thing to go to.

Silliness from Andrew and Danielle's wedding in October

Friends at Kristen and Ife's Wedding

The cute little friend I made at Kristen and Ife's Wedding
Let's hope this blogging continues regularly! Until next time.

Listening to: Rob playing music

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