Monday, July 30, 2012

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness!

  • Going to our friend Megan's lakehouse - we enjoyed a weekend of boating, hiking, jumping off cliffs (overcoming my fear of heights!), tubing, Fruit Ninja, cute Mastiff, good food, music by bonfire, etc. It was an extremely needed weekend away!  

  • Interview for the position that opened up at my school - I am super excited for this next year at school. I will be moving down to the primary SCB class at my school (teaching K/1 students with disabilities) and we interviewed for the intermediate position (2/4 grades). I am super excited for the school year and am thinking it's going to be a great one!
  • Birthday - I turned 25 this year! We went to Splash Down water park in Manassas, VA and enjoyed dinner out at Mongolian BBQ with friends. Rob spoiled me with gifts, including a "rememories jar" and a beautiful necklace! I am grateful for the people in my life that have shown me such love. :) 
Fun water slide!
  • Dark Knight Rises - Despite the tragedy on opening night, Christopher Nolan completed the Batman series with a bang! It was a GREAT movie. The cast, themes running throughout the movie, acting... I am excited for it to come out on DVD so I can watch with subtitles and really pick out the details. 
  • Hanging out by the Choptank River with church friends - LOTS of crabbing. Even though I don't eat crabs, there is something about being able to catch your own food. :) 
  • Olympics! - Swimming, diving, gymnastics, beach volleyball are some of my favorite events to watch. What are yours? 
I am excited to be home, even though the past two weeks have been full of adventures!

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Megan said...

that pic of rob shooting out is AWESOME! and again--so nice to have ya'll at the lake :-D