Sunday, July 1, 2012

Big storms!

This week has flown by! It's been super busy, between babysitting, running errands, church events, small group, paperwork at school - I was excited for a relaxing weekend, but God had other plans. On Friday, while Rob and I were out with some friends watching Moonrise Kingdom, there was a BIG storm that hit - we didn't realize this, as we were in the theater until the lights and screen cut out! It was a little funny, because it was during a scene where there was a big storm. But anyway, it caused quite a bit of damage - a LOT of people lost their power and lots of trees and lines down.

Fallen tree - it was HUGE!
Luckily, we still had power (for a little bit - we ended up losing power too, but only for a little bit) so we housed Rob's grandma, mom and dad and our friends Corina and Jake for the day/part of the day. :) It's kind of fun not having our technologies whenever we want and just being able to interact and talk without the distractions.

Rob and I are reading through 1 John together; we did our second study today. It was pretty convicting - in chapter 2, it goes through the idea of being a liar if we do not do what God commands (v. 4). Which is pretty heavy - as I read through the study and discussed it with Rob, I thought about the ways that I am a "liar," in the ways that I ignore God's commands - gossiping, judging others, not loving my brothers/sisters. The ways that we live can be a testimony to the commitment to we have made to Jesus and to our relationship; in some ways, I think the world may look at me and think I am a "liar" because I so often fall short. Thankfully, when we do fall short (which is often), Jesus speaks on our behalf, in our defense (v. 2). There is an assurance there. Hopefully, the good Lord continues to do his work in me. :)

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