Sunday, July 8, 2012

My sin had left a crimson stain.

It has been a long week! Babysitting for a toddler and a baby is a tiring job!

This week: I managed to:

  • Finish putting together pictures for our wedding scrapbook (now just have finish it by writing quotes, scriptures, etc)
  • Gather materials for my next big craft project (will post when I am done!)
  • Make a 3 layer vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting
  • Earn 50 cents off gas per gallon (!)
  • Gather neat knobs from World Market to funky-fy our dresser :) 
I am going through the book of Mark with a friend; yesterday, we read through the story in Mark 1, where a leper goes to Jesus, saying, "If you are willing, make me clean." Jesus looks on him with compassion, says that He is willing and cleanses him. The man goes off, with what I interpret as uncontainable joy, and tells of his renewal, despite being told not to. I have read that story multiple times, but this time, it really struck a cord in my heart. Several things (I am in a bullet point mood):
  • It made me think about the sheer fact that Jesus cares for and loves those who are outcasts from society - lepers were so revolting to people in that culture that no one would touch them because of the sores on their skin; they were literally "unclean" people. This makes my heart happy, thinking of many different populations in this world, including the homeless/hungry and people with disabilities - subgroups in our society that people oftentimes casts aside/neglect/make fun of ("hobo," "bum," "lazy," the r-word that I cannot even bear to type out - that's a whole other post). 
  • I identify with this leper. Figuratively, I am filthy, stained by my sin and brokenness. I want to be made clean, to be made pure and holy, beautiful. I can see myself in this leper's shoes, coming to Jesus, asking him to make me clean, to turn my life around. Jesus looks past social/religious bounds, touches the man who probably hasn't been touched in years, and makes him clean. What?! Just like that?? Amazing... THEN: 
 This morning, during our church service, we sang, "Jesus Paid It All." Funny coincidence: 
Lord, now indeed I find, Thine power and Thine alone,can change the leper's spotsand melt the heart of stone.Jesus paid it all,all to Him I owe,My sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow.
It brought me to tears. I am so grateful for the sacrifice Jesus paid to make my unclean soul "white as snow," holy and pure. I am made new because of Him.


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